AI-Powered Employee
Mental Health Analytics
We help organizations make better HR decisions by delivering timely and valuable insights.
Invest in the leading solution to improve your workforce's health and happiness.
Link your chat apps

Seamless integrations with your messaging tools, such as Teams, Slack, Emails, etc.

Access rich dashboards

Precise measurements for numerous behavioural and attitudinal characteristics.

Utilize predictive analytics

We leverage the most sound predictive models to produce actionable insights.

Export your data

Produce hard copies of the analyses by exporting them to CSV, Excel or PDF format.

What problem does Jubile solve?
Employee attrition is your #1 business cost

Attrition has a cost, an actual dollar amount, which means that it is crucial to listen to what employees want and invest in retention solutions. To do otherwise is financially irresponsible.

Calculate your attrition costs
Costs to replace an employee

Costs range from 50% to 200% of their annual salary. The more seniority and tenure an employee has the more expensive it is to replace them.

The Great Resignation

In the US alone, more than 35 million employees voluntarily left their jobs in 2021. This collective movement is known as the “Great Resignation”.

How does jubile increase your retention?
We use AI to measure, analyze and improve mental health

Our system automatically generates personalized support so that every employee contributes to your organization's wellbeing. We also partner up with C-level and HR to produce tailor-made holistic wellness programs.

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Employee health optimization

Everyone receives monthly reports and tips to help them improve stress levels, engagement and work relationships.

Powerful people analytics app

Your Managers, top stakeholders, and HR gain access to the most powerful and modern people analytics app.

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WHY Jubile?
Try the most innovative HealthTech solution while mitigating risk with a free trial and on-site deployment
Automated workflows

Our solutions are fully automated and do not require any manual labor from your HR or management teams. We integrate with your existing stack and work policies.

Enormous monetary benefits

Reduce attrition costs by a whopping 10-20% and instead, invest this money to other endeavors promoting the growth of your organization.

No more manual employee assessments

Jubile automates all employee wellbeing assessments thus releasing your HR and Managers from doing manual research and analysis.

Trusted by industry leaders

Jubile was founded by leading scientists and businessmen with decades of experience. We have already partnered up with some of the biggest companies in the world.

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On-premise deployments

The most secure solution for organizations that never want their data to leave their side.

Advanced data protection

Several state-of-the-art encryption mechanisms are employed simultaneously.

Accountable management

Our fundamental values of honesty and responsibility are enforced by strict policies.

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Keeping your data safe

Jubile's security was designed at the heart of our product, infrastructure, and company policies. Third-party compliance certifications and attestations validate our enterprise-grade security controls, so you can be confident in trusting us with your team’s data.


Applied workplace psychology

A scientific approach to empathize
with your people

Utilizing machine learning for unbiased emotional wellbeing analyses

Jubile utilizes proprietary pioneering ML models that capture the emotions generated from your employees’ conversations and categorize them accordingly.

Fundamental emotion analysis based on the Atlas of Emotions

We combine robust machine learning models with leading organizational psychology research to provide you with invaluable data. Understand how your employees feel at any moment.

Advanced predictive models for real-world applications

Jubile takes it a step further than anybody else & makes sense of all of these analyses by leveraging correlational models based on leading research to produce solid business insights.

Additional services


Work hand-in-hand with the best practitioners to drive real change for your organization.

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Experienced Coaches and Executive Coaches for your management team and key Personnel to enhance their overall performance.


Proper guidance and solid advice are indispensable tools for today's leaders. We partner with the very best and offer integrated, personalized programs.


Leading organizational and personal psychologists to help delve deeper into the issues and provide evidence-based, long-lasting solutions.