Our mission

To utilize modern science and tech to improve the mental health of all employees.


Built with a pure desire to help organizations improve their employee wellbeing using evidence-based methodologies in an automated, efficient, and unobtrusive way.


Designed with privacy in mind, an ethical and transparent approach to our data collection and protection systems as well as our data privacy policies.


All of our approaches are backed by leading scientific research. Our Co-Founding team consists of two PhDs who have led the Science and Tech depts since Jubile's inception.


Our customers gain a significant competitive advantage in their human resources and operations since Jubile empowers them to maintain a happier and more productive workforce.


US and UK presence

On-premise deployments

The most secure solution for organizations that never want their data to leave their side.

Advanced data protection

Several state-of-the-art encryption mechanisms are employed simultaneously.

Accountable management

Our fundamental values of honesty and responsibility are enforced by strict policies.

San Fransico Office

Address: 447 Sutter St Ste 405 PMB 99 San Francisco, CA 94108
Operating hours: 8AM - 6PM, Mon - Fri
Telephone number+1 650 410 7980

London Office

Address: Kemp House, 160 City Road, EC1V2NX, London, United Kingdom
Operating hours: 8AM - 6PM, Mon - Fri
Telephone number+44 204 577 1290

Our journey

Petros Topouzis, Christos Chatzivagias, and Dimitrios Milios founded Jubile in November 2020 to help people become happier and more productive at work. By focusing on developing revolutionary proprietary technology, the Greek trio worked relentlessly for over a year to deliver today's MVP to the market. As a result, leading organizations worldwide saw Jubile's potential in all things people — from emotional health assessments to providing tailor-made AI solutions for growth, retention, and performance.

Petros Topouzis | CEO

Christos Chatzivagias | CTO

Dimitrios Milios | CAIO

Today Jubile offers an intuitive, real-time web application for types of organizations and managerial levels. In addition, we provide a 1-month free trial to give our clients real value even before we monetize because we believe in the fundamental right of emotional wellbeing and safety. Jubile continues to grow with our first paying customers and upcoming investors. We vow to pioneer the human analytics and corporate psychometrics industries to better worldwide organizational health.


Want to see our product in action?

Link your chat apps

Seamless integrations with your messaging tools, such as Teams, Slack, Emails, etc.

Access rich dashboards

Precise measurements for numerous behavioural and attitudinal characteristics.

Utilize predictive analytics

We leverage the most sound predictive models to produce actionable insights.

Export your data

Produce hard copies of the analyses by exporting them to CSV, Excel or PDF format.