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$6 / £4.75

per month, per employee (VAT exclusive) | -50% if 5K+ employees

Analytika | People Analytics

Integration with your chat tools

24/7 affect, stress, emotion and hate speech analyses for all of your communications

Automated data analysis reports

Automated alerts for sudden mental health changes

Delphi | Behavioral Forecasts

Weekly predictions for job satisfaction, task performance, counterproductive work behavior, organizational citizenship behavior, and creativity

Personalized automated reports and points for improvement for every team and department

gandalf | Self Improvements

Monthly stress and relationship improvement digests sent out to all employees

Detailed personalized behavioral reports

Practical exercises for self-development and further learning



tailored high-impact solutions for your company

research & analysis

Dedicated team of a leading experts including a Professor of HR, an M.D. Psychologists and a Senior HR Consultant

Corporate culture assessments

Employee relationship assessments

Compensation, benefits and rewards assessments

Talent and career growth analysis

Transformative Solutions

The specialized team works with your HR and Company Leadership to define workforce-related OKRs

Personalized solution design

Training and solution implementation

Measurements & Improvements

Coaching and mentoring

Measuring OKRs

Expermentation and adjustments (agile process improvements)

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Dedicated customer service

Dedicated account manager

Dedicated customer success manager

2h/month of business support

2h/month of technical support

Monthly trend and behavioral reports

Access to our knowledge base

Enterprise-GRADE security

Advanced roles & data permissions

On-premise deployments

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256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption

Frequently asked questions

On-premise deployments

The most secure solution for organizations that never want their data to leave their side.

Advanced data protection

Several state-of-the-art encryption mechanisms are employed simultaneously.

Accountable management

Our fundamental values of honesty and responsibility are enforced by strict policies.

Are there extra fees based on the message volume or frequency of analyzed messages?

No, the pricing reflects 24/7/365 real-time data analysis for all communications.

Are there extra fees for connecting multiple communication tools?

No, all of your communication channels can be added free of charge. Jubile will cover all integration costs for new tools.

Does Jubile offer additional services?

Yes, we provide our own leading teams of Org Psychologists, Senior HR Experts, M.D. Psychologists, Executive Coaches, and Mentors, who can provide you with excellent programs to help boost your company's retention and productivity.

How much do Jubile's additional services cost?

The cost depends on the size of your organization and the objectives you are seeking to achieve. Plans start from $10K per month.

How much does it cost to deploy Jubile on our own Cloud domain?

Spinning up and maintaining a server can range from $200-$1,000 per month, depending on the amount of memory and CPU that you will require for your workforce (e.g. more employees and more chats need more computing power for the ML to run)

How much does it cost to deploy Jubile on-premise?

Assuming that you have engineers and IT specialists on-site to help you set up the server, the costs will depend on our engineers' work to make our solution run with your legacy systems and adhere to your policies.


Want to see our product in action?

Link your chat apps

Seamless integrations with your messaging tools, such as Teams, Slack, Emails, etc.

Access rich dashboards

Precise measurements for numerous behavioural and attitudinal characteristics.

Utilize predictive analytics

We leverage the most sound predictive models to produce actionable insights.

Export your data

Produce hard copies of the analyses by exporting them to CSV, Excel or PDF format.